Friday, June 3, 2011

How to become a licensed pharmacy technician in Georgia

To work as a pharmacy technician in Georgia, you have to be licensed by the state Board of Pharmacy (link to license application is at the bottom). A formal educaton is not required by the state board, but some training will halep in passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam and will also help improve your credibility. Below is a summary of the official requirements to become licensed pharmacy tech in the state of Georgia.

 Submit the $100 application fee;
 Must be least 17 years old;
 Must be enrolled in high school, has a high school diploma or has a GED;
 Obtain a criminal history background check through the Cogent Systems/GAPS at a GAPS location;
 If currently employed in a pharmacy, submit the license number of the pharmacy where the applicant is employed; and
 If certified, submit a copy of Pharmacy Technician Certification Board certificate.

Even though a formal education is not required it advisable that aspirant role in some certification program to prepare them for the challenges ahead.

For more information on how to become a pharmacy tech in Georgia and other US states visit Pharmacy Technician Training JB a portal for pharmacy technician news.

4 Steps to becoming a credible pharmacy tech in Georgia


  1. Licensing in Georgia is not appropriate for pharmacy technicians, but the Board of Pharmacy alone recognizes certified technicians as those who accept completed an accustomed nationally certified artisan program.

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  2. It's really important that the board requires the interested person to take pharmacy technician training to ensure that he/she is going to be fit for the job. It is a big job to handle a lot of medicine and prescription and not a lot of people can do that. This needs a very good training.

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  6. There may be no formal education required to become a pharm tech but before taking the certification exam, it sure is an advantage to enroll first on training programs that offers pharm tech training. The training with a good reputation institution will surely provide knowledge and develop skills necessary to excel in this career! Goodluck to those that are interested! :)